Working up a sweat, gamer style

From low to high intensity, these games are like working out (only fun)

Samantha Kaczala

(CUP) — For years, video games have transcended the sole use of controllers. Only your hands were required to move around the device to play the game. However, now some video games implement the whole body, giving players the ability to exercise while appreciating a fun game. We found a few games that require your body to get up and going, while playing a fun activity.

Pokémon Go (iOS, Android)

Made popular in the summer 2016, the goal of the game is to find Pokémon and catch them as you walk around a town or city. At the same time you can collect items from Poké stops (item caches) in certain locations as well as hatch any Pokémon eggs you find by the miles you walk. Discovering new Pokémon and hatching eggs is what makes Pokémon Go an exciting adventure for players and it is as simple as walking around town for the fun times to begin.

Intensity Level: 3/10

Wii Fit Plus (Wii U + Wii Balance Board + Wii Fit Meter)

Successor to Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus offers a variety of mini games that will get you moving. The accessory Wii Balance Board determines a person’s weight and centre of balance to determine what games would be best played for the player. There are over 40 games to choose from to get some simple exercises in the day. In addition, the Wii Fit Meter, which comes with the game, encourages you to get outside and walk around to increase your steps and altitude that is monitored by the device. Wii Fit Plus is for those who are looking for less intense workouts that anyone can do.

Intensity Level: 5/10

Sprint Vector (Oculus Rift with Oculus One Touch)

You won’t even have to move from your spot to work up a sweat. Sprint Vector is a fast moving racing virtual reality (VR) game that avoids the dreaded motion sickness of regular VRs. The player moves their arms back and forth, as if running, to propel their character forward. Now, put this on 20 times repeat and you have a fast action moving game that leave your muscles pleasantly sore and potentially sweating buckets. Hands are the new feet for Sprint Vector.

Intensity Level: 6/10

Just Dance 2017 (Nintendo Switch, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The latest installment of the Just Dance series, Just Dance 2017 keeps the classical wacky dances of the previous games packed together with new songs for players to enjoy. The choreography is fun and expressive for people to just “wave their arms around in the air like they just don’t care” and this can make you look pretty ridiculous. But don’t fret because when you play with your friends they’ll be in the same boat as you. The game is a great way to have a fun and wacky time while exercising to some interesting tunes.

Intensity Level: 8/10

Dance Dance Revolution (Arcade, PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Wii)

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) is one of the best video game series to get you working up a sweat. You play by stepping on directional arrows on a mat that is timed to the beat of a music track. You can compete with another player and see who can hit the right notes with the most accuracy and speed. The game is fast paced and has you both appreciating and hating the intensity of the step sequences at the same time. DDR is best for building stamina and leg strength while you “bust a move” to some great tunes.

Intensity Level: 9/10

Dance Central Spotlight (Xbox + Kinect)

A fun game that you can groove to with well-choreographed dancing and an almost seemingly endless list of music. Dance Central Spotlight focuses on the cool moves of the choreography of each song to get your heart racing and your feet moving as you follow along with the dancer shown onscreen. You are able to customize a fitness workout with music of your choosing and focus on what parts of your body you want to train, such as cardio. Play solo or with your friends to enjoy hip-hop moves. Dance Central Spotlight lights up any dull exercising to an intense workout of fun dancing.

Intensity Level: 9/10

Nike+ Kinect Training (Xbox 360 + Kinect)

Nike+ Kinect Training uses the Kinect of Xbox 360 to its full use. With full-on tutorials and a virtual trainer leading you through the workout sessions, you will feel as if you are in an actual gym while exercising from the comfort of your own home. The game is not so much fun as it is an intense exercise. You can see both yourself as a projection and the trainer at the same time relatively well, making it easier to follow the exercises you’re doing. After giving the game some of your information like height or weight, it will create a personalized workout session for you. Nike+ Kinect Training is an excellent game to achieve an intense workout.

Intensity Level: 10/10


Working up a sweat, gamer style