GBC students on the return to class

George Brown College students have mixed feelings on going back to the classrooms

The back-to-work legislation passed by the Ontario government on Nov. 19 officially ended the strike. A lot of students share the same concern about restarting the semester now that they have to return to school after five weeks off. 

Yoona Lee, fashion management student

“Since five weeks already passed, I cannot concentrate on our studies and so many assignments are delayed. I almost had a mental breakdown after restarting the semester.” Photo: Afra Hossain / The Dialog

Iphigenia Pheakos, interior design student

“The professors surprised me with their leniency a little bit. They were a bit more understanding coming back than I thought they would be.” Photo: Matthew Green / The Dialog

Thomas Rodil, fashion management student

“I guess it’s good and bad. It’s good that I didn’t lose my semester but it’s bad because five weeks off, it’s hard to transition back.” Photo: Afra Hossain / The Dialog

Joel Kitaka, construction engineering student

“The professors are in the same mode we’re in. They wanted to be back but they kind of need to have that security to know that they’re going to be able to work next semester.” Photo: Matthew Green / The Dialog


GBC students on the return to class