Students rally at Queens Park calling for tuition refunds

Dozens of Ontario college students rallied at the Ontario Legislature yesterday afternoon in the “We Want In Protest.” “Students right now are really, really angry about the strike,” said Nicola Lau, the president of Seneca Student Federation, who organized the protest.

The event’s page on Facebook said that the purpose of the rally was to call for for transparency on any possible tuition refunds and other compensation from the provincial government and also fight for more student input into the process.

Lei Nie, a student in George Brown College’s interactive design and development program, decided to attend the rally because he wanted to go back to class.

“For the past five weeks, I’ve been staying at home, not motivated to learn, to study,’ said Nie. “So, I just want to do something about this.”

Lau said the protest was also “a way for students talk each other, get know each other, and know that they are not alone in this strike.”

She also said that other student protests will be launched if the strike doesn’t end in the next week.

On Friday, the ministry announced that they will be requiring colleges to create hardship funds for students who have experienced financial hardship.


Students rally at Queens Park calling for tuition refunds