The mysterious Yeti on strike

Mythological creature lightens up college faculty picket lines, but says strike is no laughing matter

The Dialog always pushes for interviews over the phone or in person. But when confronted with a Yeti, a mythological ape-like mountain creature, or at least someone wearing the costume of one, it’s hard to stick to policy.

“Yeti no can talk on phone. Yeti no speak out loud.” 

Fair enough. 

Since Oct. 30, there have been consistent Yeti sightings on the picket lines at Centennial, mostly hold a placard with the message “stop the freeze on full-time jobs.” 

Yeti affirms that when it joined the picket line, it was not expecting to get famous, but photos of the creature have now been featured in major media publications covering the strike. 

“Yeti surprise people like Yeti so much,” it said.

According to Yeti, the idea to bring the character to the strike was to attract attention to the strike. While the creatures presence on the lines lightens the mood a bit, the Yeti said the strike is no laughing matter.

“Yeti not think the strike is funny. It no joke. Yeti not humorous, and not meaning to make joke. Yeti simply want to bring attention to strike. More attention, more likely strike resolve faster,” it said. 

When you ask the Yeti about its identity, it plays coy.

“Yeti is Yeti. Not sure question?” it said. 

When pressed, the Yeti admits it is a professor at Ontario College, and that “rumour has it Yeti is a she.” 

Apparently the Yeti has been asked about their identity on several occasions, prompting a statement from the creature’s twitter account.

But not everybody likes Yeti’s presence on the picket lines. The creature acknowledged that some have complained that Yeti’s participation in the strike is making light of serious faculty concerns.

Yeti said that they are taking the strike seriously, and want it over as soon as possible. In the meantime though, why not lighten up the lines?

“Picketing is hard work, faculty walk for hours, get cold and wet, not get paycheck, not get to do work, we miss our students,” Yeti said. “Yeti like that Yeti bring some support and maybe a smile to a difficult day”


The mysterious Yeti on strike