Students on a possible faculty strike

We talked with students about their main concerns if a faculty strike is called

With Oct. 16 set as the date a faculty strike or lockout can begin, students are worried about the consequences that this could have in their studies.

To help them understand what’s going on and how a strike could affect them, George Brown College published a Frequently Asked Questions’ page.

The answers include links and information about the current negotiations, which services will continue working during a strike and how this would affect academic terms. The college said that all classes will be cancelled during a strike, except for continuing education classes. 

The union representing faculty at the 24 public colleges in Ontario set a strike deadline of Monday, Oct. 16 unless an agreement can be reached. If a strike is called, the college said they will do all they can to ensure students won’t lose their year. 

We talked with some students about their main concerns. 

This is what they told us:

Sam Manore

Photo by Mansha Rupani / The Dialog

“I’m just a bit concerned because I’m not quite sure what is going to happen to my money and time. I dropped out of a course last year, so I’m just trying to get out of school now. Hopefully, they come to a closure before this thing happens.”

Sam Manore, architectural technology program

Calista Depellis

Photo by Mansha Rupani / The Dialog

“Please don’t go on strike for long I really like being at school. I’m paying a lot to be here”.

Calista Debellis, construction trades techniques program

Matthew Morris

Photo by Mansha Rupani / The Dialog

“I took so long to go to school and finally now that I am here it possibly could get messed up. I’m just kind of skeptical right now, nervous actually.”

Matthew Morris, general arts and science program

Tyler Howes

Photo by Mansha Rupani / The Dialog

“I hope the professors get what they are asking for. It’s going to be a real inconvenience for the students, but as long as the professors are keeping up with the students, and making sure that students aren’t going to be affected, the professors can do whatever they need to do to get what they want.”

Tyler Howes, construction management and technology program

Yasmin Sundhu

Photo by Mansha Rupani / The Dialog

“They should try and compromise and the faster they can do that the faster we can move on and focus on coming to school without having to worry about not having school the next day.”

Yasmin Sundhu, fashion design program

Renee Mcdonald

Photo by Mansha Rupani / The Dialog

“I’ve heard if they do strike then when we come back all of our assignments and tests still have the same due dates. I feel like it will be hard for us to catch up if they do strike. It will definitely mess with people’s schedules.”

Renee Mcdonald, general arts and science program


Students on a possible faculty strike