Night and day for men’s and women’s soccer teams

Men’s soccer team challenges for top spot in the division, while women’s is focused on building cohesion

Updated Oct. 2 with results from Friday’s matches against Conestoga.

The difference this year between the men’s and women’s soccer teams at George Brown College (GBC) can be summed up in their matches against Cambrian College on Sept. 23.

While the men’s team had an outstanding performance crushing the opposition 8-0, the women’s game was the mirror image of it with a 0-8 loss.

On Wednesday, Sept. 27, the Huskies battled the Humber College Hawks, whose men’s and women’s teams are on the top of the central division.

“They’re the team to beat, everyone knows they are the team to beat,” said GBC men’s captain Jesse Oliver who played the match with a knee brace after undergoing ACL surgery seven months ago. “We can win but we also need to believe in each other and believe in our ability and skill.”

The Hawks offense demolished the Huskies defenses, winning the women’s game 5-0 and beating the men’s team 3-0 in a chippy match.

The men’s game against Humber saw Huskies defender Omar Hussein ejected with a red card after a reckless tackle while GBC’s Oliver and Seerat Sultani collected yellow cards. Humber midfielder Gianlucas Scorzafave was also cautioned.

John Williams, who is the head coach for GBC’s men’s and women’s teams, said that the women’s team made mistakes, and Humber punished them for it. He said the men’s team held their own but failed to clear the ball at key points.

“I still believe in our team. I think we can win provincials, go to nationals and make a big statement for GBC,” said Oliver.

GBC’s men’s team is currently second in the central division with a 4-1-1 record  after beating Conestoga 3-0 on Friday while the women’s team sits just above the last-place U of T Mississauga team with a 1-5 record after a 0-10 drubbing by Conestoga the same day.

“The girls just have to learn how to move the ball a little faster and really just understand the game just a little but quicker,” said coach Williams.

Williams said his goal for the women’s side is to develop the younger players on the team and just play better soccer this year. He’s also looking to keep recruiting and said he needs to find some players with competitive soccer experience.

For the two co-captains of GBC’s women’s squad building team cohesion and supporting the new players is their priority.

“The vets need to make the rookies feel more welcome with the team so we can become one,” said Effie Takas who plays centre midfield. “They’re a little shy, they’re new on the team, so we’ve been trying to focus on bringing everyone together this year.”

“We’ve been trying really hard to get to know each other and spending time on and off the field,” added co-captain Julia Kassner. “We’re just focusing on getting to know each other and clicking on the field.”

While Williams is very competitive and pushes his players to win, he also sees sports as a way to teach his athletes bigger life lessons.

“What I’d like to see from my program is that the girls and the guys get an education, become friends, and improve as young adults,” said Williams. “Commitment is a big thing for me. They’re committed here and personal improvement is key for what I like to get out of my athletes.”



Night and day for men’s and women’s soccer teams