George Brown students react to Ontario selling weed

“I think it’s already a business in the streets. This way government could make money out of it in taxes, so it’s going to be better for everybody.” – Morgan Ledot, Computer Programmer Analyst Program

“They’re smart, because they are making money out of it but you know the government. Gets in everything anyways so let it be.” – Nicole Plodzik (left), fashion techniques and design program

“It’s a good idea as it gets all the street dealers off the streets. And my friends would buy from somewhere safe, instead of buying marijuana from a low-level dealer that also sells other drugs that could be kind of sketchy.”  – Patrick Smith, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning technician program.


“I’d prefer it to be left to Canadians to start their own small businesses. Monitored maybe by government, but not controlled.” – Kyle McGill, building renovation technology


George Brown students react to Ontario selling weed