First day at GBC on social media

Here’s what students at George Brown College had to say about their first day of school!

1. TFW you are so excited for the first day of school that you show up early for your morning class

2. The college was on hand to help students with start up


3. Is there anything that says GBC more than making friends when you are stuck in an elevator?


4. Like this tweet if you think Casa Loma campus is a maze


5. Not only can this student find the bathroom, she can quote Malcolm X and take a great photo while she’s there

6. It wasn’t just students, GBC faculty were also excited to get started today

7. Spiral notebooks > laptops

#firstdayofschool at #gbc #casalomacampus

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8. Full points for crossing at the crosswalk on Adelaide, now to work on light

To new beginnings

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9. What better time for a visit from Troy the therapy dog than the first day of school?

Peer Coaches and #Troy are here at St James Campus to say WELCOME to everyone. Come and talk to them!

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10. This photo says it all, we are wiped too!

First day was hard #college #gbc #gbcarchitecture #lecture #sleepy #casaloma #campus #Canada #studying @gbcollege

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First day at GBC on social media