George Brown wins internationalization award

College is “working on all fronts” to expand internationalization

George Brown College (GBC) was recognized for its international efforts this month in Ottawa, winning the Colleges and Institutes Canada’s (CIC) Internationalization Excellence Award.

The award is given to a college or institution that, “has shown leadership in the internationalizing of their entire institution for the benefit of its learners and community” according to the CIC website.

“It was well deserved,” said Jose Balcaceres, executive director of GBC’s international centre.

Balcaceres explained that the GBC’s internationalization strategy involves more opportunities for students to study abroad, building global partnerships, staff development and international recruitment.

“We’re working on all fronts to grow and to continue the college’s internationalization,” said Balcaceres.

According to the college’s 2015-16 annual report, 426 students completed international placements at 34 institutions.

Balcaceres said that international placements are growing in popularity.

“I would advise students to submit applications to study abroad early, as spaces are limited, and the demand is growing,” said Balcaceres.

Balcaceres said that the pace of development at the college is fine and that internationalization can only go so fast.

“Moving forward, we’re focusing more on how to integrate technology more efficiently into the different activities we’re conducting globally,” explained Balcaceres.

According to GBC’s annual report, 15 per cent of George Brown students were international students.

“We’re working a lot more with international students and their families,” explained Balcaceres. “By offering information and resources, such as ESL, for family members who can’t afford to work while they study.”

Mark Nesbitt, GBC’s vice president of corporate services, told The Dialog earlier this month that the college is projecting a 10 per cent increase in international student enrolment in the fall.


George Brown wins internationalization award