Laughing through A Flea in Her Ear

Reimagined Georges Feydeau play is a hot mess of misunderstandings and regret

Get ready for a night of laughs with George Brown theatre school’s production of A Flea in Her Ear.

The play is set around a dialogue between aristocrat Raymonde Chandebise (Parmida Vand), and Spanish duchess Lucienne Homenides de Histangua (Tymika McKenzie-Clunis), as each plots to out the infidelity of Chandebise’s husband, Victor (Mike Ricci).

Resigned to their suspicions, the wealthy women drafted a scarlet letter, that led to a hot mess of misunderstandings and regret.

Though Raymonde Chandebise has her own entanglements as well. When Romain Tournel (Evan MacKenzie), who has tried come on to Raymonde Chandebise more than once, answers her invite, let’s just say the encounter was shocking.

What started as a planned rendezvous at the notorious Frisky Puss Hotel, turned out to be a rude awakening for Raymonde Chandebise, where she mistakes her husband for the hotel busboy, and her husband’s doppelganger, Poche (also played by Ricci).

Nobody realized that Poche and Victor Chandebise are actually two different people.

The hotel has got some crafty rooms for those spicy hook-ups, like a revolving bed with “the quality of a Swiss Clock,” said Ferraillon (Michael Boyce), the hotel owner.

The audience cooed as they watched Camille Chandelbisse (Chase Jeffels) struggle adorably to communicate through his speech impediment, until Dr. Finache (Thom Nyhuus) introduces him to a silver palate that would change everything.

Bursts of uncontrolled laughter shook up the theatre at several points during the A Flea in Her Ear, but perhaps none more than during the appearance of Baptiste (Seamus Dillon-Easton) who, by the way, got there by bus.

Audiences also got to appreciate some Spanish dialogue in the emotional mix between Lucienne and her husband, Spanish lord Don Carlos Homenides de Histangua (Patrick Horan).

The vibrant and painfully funny parody is David Ives’ remake of Georges Feydeau’s original 1907 play.

Watch this comedic volcano erupt until Apr. 22 at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts. Tickets are $8 for students (ID required), $15 for alumni and seniors, and $20 for adults.


Laughing through A Flea in Her Ear