Students cast their vote in the SA election

George Brown students share why they decided to vote in the Student Association election

The polls have opened for the 2017-18 Student Association elections, and students have begun to consider which candidates are best suited to represent them. Students can vote from Friday, March 31 to Thursday, April 6. We asked students today why they decided to cast their vote in this year’s Student Association election.

Hassan Hassan

“I just wanted to see what these people have to offer, so why not vote?”

Saidah Vassell

“I met some of the candidates before at the George Brown summer camp that was going on and they seem like really nice people, and the stuff that they’ve been doing so far I’ve liked, so I figured I’d vote for them.”

Matthieu Hanson

“Well you know we have some problems in the school, and we need people to represent us better. For instance Alex (Stewart) representing us would help us out by getting us more opportunities in the school and getting us involved in all of the ongoings on campus.”

Damiana Palmieri

“I’ve had a lot of conversations to find out who to vote for, and I would like to see them get elected. They’ve also talked to me a lot about what they plan to do for alumni which is what interests me the most. In terms of employment, further education, workshops, stuff like that, so I want to make sure the right people got elected”

Kirsten Danquah

“I felt that my voice needed to be heard and I do go to this school. Everything that happens here affects me in some way, so I felt that my opinion does matter.”

Nikola Syhatheb

“I voted because I think this gives the students an opportunity to enrich students’ lives and we as students need to support each other because we’re all we have.”

Karen Wallis

“I don’t participate usually in anything school related so I figured hey, these people are nice, let me help them out in any way that I can.”


Students cast their vote in the SA election