This Valentine’s you can celebrate singleness

Single ladies of George Brown are planning to spend the day loving themselves

For Valentine’s Day enthusiasts, the prospect of being dateless can seem depressing—and it often is, without the right planning. Here are a couple of the ways George Brown College (GBC) singles are planning to celebrate.

“There must have been a mistake, for I have heard that stupid Cupid has a lousy aim, because that’s the only logical reason why I would still remain single,” lamented Abel Thankachan, an accounting student.

For every romantic like Thankachan, there is a realist like Asish Geo, also in accounting, who believes the hype around Valentine’s Day is driven more by money than passion.

“I don’t understand why people would choose to spend so much money on grand affairs to proclaim their love when they can express it by doing small meaningful acts,” said Geo, who intends to stay home and binge-watch Game of Thrones.

Being single, however, does have its advantages. It gives you the perfect excuse to go out and flirt to your heart’s content. If you ever worried about being cheated on or the other way around, being single eliminates that immediately.

Geo’s twin, Anugrah Geo, is using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity for an outing for singles, as they’re organizing a singles’ day out, with the motto ‘Why should couples have all the fun?’

Valentine’s Day is all about love and, whether they’re romantic or cynic, GBC single ladies are planning to spend the day loving themselves.

“Sitting around moping is definitely a no-no. I am in love with myself,” said Zeba Arif, a child and youth care student. Arif intends to treat herself to a spa day.

So, for all the singles out there without dates, don’t be sad. Embrace the awesomeness of being single and have a good laugh at those going broke over paying for baubles and expensive romantic dinners to show their partners some love.


This Valentine’s you can celebrate singleness