Dining and dashing is no picnic

George Brown students on their bad (and one good) dates

One time I went on a date with someone who lied about his height, which is fine! He said he was 5’10” but he really like 5’1″ or 5’2″. If you’re going to lie make it realistic, I guess, would be my opinion. We went to a really nice steakhouse, he ended up ordering a lot of things, the conversation was really good, but at the end he told me he forgot his wallet. And he ended up ordering steak and lobster, a bottle of wine, and it was… it was really bad. So I ended up paying for a $200 meal… there was no second date, at all. And he tried to kiss me, that was gross.
-Tia Campbell


I had a boyfriend who cooked dinner for me on valentine’s day and that was very nice. My husband, when we started dating we met in a ski resort, we were working there, so he invited me to the place he was living and he made an inside house picnic and he bought flowers and made some dinner and we had a picnic inside the house. It was very cute!
-Carole Linafredes


In terms of bad, let’s just say I’ve walked out on a date before. i thought the girl was too into herself, it was all about her, I just said “forget it ” and walked out. And I didn’t pay for the bill, I don’t feel bad to this day, I can’t give a fuck less, so… sorry for my language.

-Emeka Ibeh

I was on a blind date, having a good time and she sort of excused herself. I didn’t  think much of it, and times goes by, you’re wondering, you don’t want be annoying and nag, so a good 30 minutes goes by I’m pretty sure. One of the waitresses comes by and she was like, “oh, I thought you paid and left,” because she saw her leave. She felt so bad. She was like, “oh no!” That would definitely have been bad. Needless to say I have not gone on another blind date since then, but it’s something that happens and you sort of learn from it. I guess in hindsight there were certain things I should have picked up on.

-Francis Torres


Dining and dashing is no picnic