George Brown locks down new funding for scholarships and infrastructure

For students looking for a financial boost, the college recently announced some new grants and awards for students made possible by donations.

The Legacy Private Trust Foundation donated $500,000 to George Brown, with $400,000 going to capital funding and the remaining $100,000 to scholarships intended to help students from the centre for business. The donation will support the creation of the Love and Whalen Leadership award that is intended for students in financial need, who achieve a GPA of 3.0 or greater. The award is also for student who have demonstrated an involvement in George Brown’s Enactus team.

Former Toronto Argos football star Michael “Pinball” Clemons announced that his foundation will donate  $100,000 to George Brown College to fund 31 new scholarships for full-time students who have overcome obstacles in the undertaking of their studies. Additionally, the Pinball Clemons Foundation is creating two awards for full-time student athletes exhibiting good sportsmanship, as well as attaining a GPA of 3.0 or greater.

“We are so grateful to the Pinball Clemons Foundation and the Legacy Private Trust Foundation for their investment in George Brown students,” said Cindy Gouveia, president of the George Brown College Foundation“These awards are an important part of ensuring access to education and will provide critical financial support for students to continue their studies here at the college.”

The college also announced a scholarship to honour Georgia Quartaro, George Brown’s former dean of the centre for preparatory and liberal studies. Quartaro retired in September.

George Brown students can apply for these scholarships and awards through STU-VIEW


George Brown locks down new funding for scholarships and infrastructure