GBC theatre students brings Robert Munsch classics to life

Munsch All Over entertaining for both kids and adults

“Oh Canada, we found a place to stay!” chants the high-spirited characters of Munsch All Over, as they file in to greet a theatre packed with kindergarten children.

George Brown College’s whimsical play chronicling the fabled tales of Robert Munsch engages both children and adults with dancing and singing across a stage adorned with fanciful alphabet blocks.

Audiences are taken on a fantastic adventure featuring Irish, tap and jazz dancing, drumming, juggling, beatboxing, capped off by a clarinet solo that will keep audiences spellbound.

“I come from far away,” gushed rosy-cheeked Saoussan Askar, a charming second-grade character who recounts her journey to Canada. She is one of many beloved Munsch canon figures captivating an audience of schoolkids and their teachers.

Meanwhile Gah-ning, a gregarious and uncomplicated preschooler, strikes out determined to reach Kapuskasing.

“No and no!” her father denied. “Not on your bicycle, not on your scooter, not even with balloons!” And then, right on cue, a clown came along and gave her 300 well-timed balloons.

Audiences will watch as Allashua and her family outwit the wicked Qallupilluit. “Qallupilluit, Qallupilluit, can’t catch me!” Allashua crooned, so sure that daring to cast her line through an icepack fissure is safe.

Will Allashua and her family manage to dance themselves out of what may follow?

In fact, you may even see some twerking from a school principal preparing to face a wayward needle!

There will be much more Munsch until Dec. 10. Tickets are $8 for children and students and $20 for adults, and can be purchased online at or by calling 416-866-8666.


GBC theatre students brings Robert Munsch classics to life