The Trump Trump Taco Bowl hits St. James, it’s huge

‘Donald Trump Trump’ entertained the patrons as they helped themselves to taco bowls

As the election for the next President of the United States of America kicked-off on Nov. 8, George Brown students hosted a special event around the man who has taken the media by storm this past year- Donald Trump. This event was planned and organized by the students of the special events management program as a pilot event to raise funds for larger events in the future.

The event featured various festivities around The Donald, from a pinata which had a picture of Trump on it to raffles, a silent auction and a Trump photo booth. As inquisitive students started trickling-in, ‘Donald Trump Trump’, a Trump impersonator, greeted them with the polarizing presidential candidate’s signature phrase, “it’s going to be huge. It’s going to be the greatest.”

While some students were aware of the event and came in early, the crowd really started growing past noon once students broke for lunch after their morning classes. Chris Luck, a student in the hotel management program, was one of the few students who came downstairs from their class, after the music started getting loud. “Donald Trump Trump looks better than the real thing right now. So far, this event looks good but I think Hillary’s going to win,” he said.

Vanessa Trong, a pre-health science student, was actually unaware that such an event was taking place. “I normally come here for lunch and I walked upon this event. It’s been pretty fun. The Donald Trump Trump character was very cool. I’m inviting some friends over for this event now,” she said.

For some students who had been following the American election closely, this was an opportunity to be a part of the hype that has been generated south of the border. “Since the election stuff was going on, I just overheard this event and came down. Maybe this event is to raise awareness about what’s happening in the States,” said Chris Cao, a student from the culinary management program.

For others like Medrad Rajabi, another culinary management student, this was just an opportunity to beat a Trump piñata. In his effort to break the piñata, Rajabi ended up breaking his bat instead. “You can’t break the Donald because he’s got so much money I guess,” he said. “I know he’s a scam artist and I don’t like the guy,” he added.

Donald Trump Trump was extremely pleased with the student turnout and said, “It’s the greatest turnout that George Brown has ever had.” He was unhappy that he was being ridiculed all over and said that he was going to win the elections.

City News was present to cover this event as a part of their American election coverage.



The Trump Trump Taco Bowl hits St. James, it’s huge