Student Association Byelections 2016: who is running and what they stand for


Riddhi Modi is a post-graduate student in the strategic marketing program. She is an active volunteer and believes that she has leadership qualities.

“My main aim is to get paid co-op jobs, something I struggled with during my time and improve Student Association’s (SA) accountability to the student community.”

Conrad Ozemoyah is a first year student in construction engineering who recently switched to George Brown after studying at Humber College for three years.

“I realize that students feel like they don’t have a voice in the school. I’m trying to change the perception, the way students think.”


Jamie Jamieson is a second-year student in the behavioural science program. Jamieson was the SA’s Waterfront campus director in 2015-16.

“If elected I would plan a trip first thing next semester and then plan trips for every month. I understand this campus very well and have many ideas which I will try implementing if elected.”

Gracel Quibrantar is a first-year student in the practical nursing program. This is her second year as a George Brown student and she wants to contribute to students reaching their highest potential.

“I want to promote an anti-stress environment because the students at the Waterfront campus they don’t seem as happy going to school. I want to motivate them.”

Goldie Vipulanandan is enrolled in the practical nursing program. She has experience as a marketing manager, overseeing multiple projects and teams in the past.

“I’m very interested in working on some of the projects that involve student interaction. I am planning on being the voice of the campus. “


Mufasa Fashina is a third-year international student in the civil engineering technology program at George Brown. He has worked with the student learning center and Peerconnect.

“I know my fellow students and peers have concerns whether it is with the curriculum or (making) industry connections. I want to implement a platform where students and industry can connect on a volunteer basis and not just for job fairs.”

Marc Grant-Vanasse is a third-year mechanical engineering and design student. He moved to Toronto because he feels the course here is more related to his experience.

Grant-Vanasse wants to set up a “job shop” where students would volunteer to create and sell tools that can be sold to other departments in the schools.”

Uzzair Khan completed a diploma in construction engineering technology, and is now pursuing a bachelor degree in technology in construction management. He has been working with the SA as part-time staff.

“I just want to make the SA better. I just want to help more, improving my course which is the first step. I’m going to get petitions out and make sure students’ voices are heard.”

Maple Quizon is a third-year construction engineering technology student at George Brown. She has experience in project management and event management.

“I think one of the most important things for me and for lot of students are industry connections. I wish to do more events or other networking opportunities for students.”

Audrie Williams is a second-year student in the interior design technology program at George Brown. She has worked for seven years as a law clerk.

“I wish to make a used tool shop where basically anybody who has graduated in a trade program that has a tool they no longer need can sell it at a reduced cost.”

Vincent Wong is a first-year student in the civil engineering technology program. He has degrees from Queen’s and Waterloo University and 10 years of work experience at an engineering firm.

“A lot of students you ask them won’t necessarily know who their representatives are. That’s one of the things I would like to improve by ensuring all students know who their representatives are and what exactly they can do for them.”


Nikki Shumaker is the new health sciences representative and Jimbo Cotoner is the new women and trans people representative.

The SA funds The Dialog. Full candidate statements can be read on the SA website at


Student Association Byelections 2016: who is running and what they stand for