Almost unbearable: Bruins roll over Huskies women’s soccer 6-0

“It’s difficult to lose so many games, and by this kind of margin.”

A close affair against the Sheridan Bruins turned into a 6-0 rout, after George Brown’s women’s soccer team allowed a 45th minute goal for the second time in as many games.

With Huskies goalkeeper Kelsey-Jane Lamprecht unable to attend Saturday’s match, midfielders Katherine Des Rosiers and Julia Kassner split netminding duties. What followed was a domino effect of players shifting out of their regular positions.

Necessity wasn’t the only factor dictating George Brown’s lineup. According to Huskies head coach John Williams, some of his faster players were placed in outside defensive positions to counter Sheridan’s speed down the wings. One example was how Effie Takas, normally a centre midfielder, started the game at right-back.

Though Bruins midfielder Mikayla Longpré scored six minutes in, George Brown’s strategy worked for much of the first. That is until the Huskies suffered a 45th minute goal for the second game in a row.

George Brown’s defence had bent at times during the first half; it broke once Sheridan went up 2-0. Having limited the Bruins to four shots, George Brown allowed 11 after the intermission. Sheridan scored at the 47th, 54th, 63rd and 74th minute marks, laying siege to Huskies second half keeper Kassner.

For Bruins head coach Paul Angelini, whose side was coming off a tough 5-0 loss to Seneca, the match was about returning to simple, quick soccer.

“We had to get back to basics, and so we took away all the fancy things that we usually try to do in terms of ball movement,” said Angelini. “We kept it simple: play the ball the way you’re facing, play it first time and don’t hold on to it.”

It’s fair to say George Brown feels the weight of its record. Now 1-6 on the season, the Huskies’ losses are all by four or more goals, and their total goal differential sits at minus 28.

“Soccer is an interesting game, it takes a lot of heart,” said midfield/forward Farrah Sheikh. “Wins come, losses come, it depends on the heart of everyone on the field. It’s difficult to lose so many games, and by this kind of margin.”

George Brown’s next opponent is U of T Mississauga, against whom the Huskies earned their lone win thus far. Takas believes George Brown should enter the rematch with their heads up.

“We shouldn’t go in thinking that we’re going to beat them,” Takas said. “We should go in thinking that it’s going to be a tough game, put our all into it and get another W for George Brown.”


Almost unbearable: Bruins roll over Huskies women’s soccer 6-0