George Brown’s new residence, The George, impresses on move-in day

Volunteers helped the move-in go ‘without any hitches’

On Saturday, hundreds of students moved into George Brown’s first residence, The George. Students arrived with their friends and family, and were met by volunteers wearing bright yellow shirts waiting to help them.

Gerard Hayes, director of student life, was right in the middle of the action, guiding people through the busy morning. Elated with the response to the new residence, Hayes said, “Having a residence gives us structure and helps us to focus on soft skills and life skills.”

Despite a huge crowd moving in, the upbeat volunteers, resident advisors and management ensured that students were moved in as quickly and easily as possible.

Volunteers that came out to help were praised by some of the new residents. Rebecca Fuchs, a student of the American Sign Language (ASL) and deaf studies program, said, “Everybody just came out, helped us out and got my stuff in and unpacked real quick.” Fuchs said she chose The George since it was easily accessible to school.

Noah Humphries from the business administration and accounting program said that the move in, “was pretty smooth without any hitches.”

Located at 80 Cooperage Street, the residence originally served as a living space for American athletes during the 2015 Pan Am Games. A space at The George from September to April costs $8,950, or around $1,278 per month. Included in the price is utilities, cable TV, internet and phone with local calling. Each room comes fully furnished.

“It’s technically cheaper to live in the residence than try and find a house. (It) was really convenient since it’s so close to my school too,” said Kelly McGowan from the activation coordinator / gerontology program. McGowan also said that she loved that the rooms were extremely spacious.

“I have seen a lot of residences, easily eight or nine but out here I’ve gotten a lot of ‘wow’ factor,” said Dan Elacqua from Campus Living Centers, the company hired to manage The George. “It has been a really invigorating experience.”

Chelsea Osmond, one of the resident advisors said, “George Brown was always a commuter college, having a residence brings a new dynamic to the school.”

Men’s basketball coach Jonathan Smith and newly appointed women’s basketball coach Warren Williams were spotted helping promote the varsity tryouts. Also among the many yellow shirts were few members of the Huskies basketball team.

Representatives from the Student Association, which funds The Dialog, were also on hand to promote Jurassic Frosh. Staff from the Community Action Centre were there as well inviting the new residents to take part in the upcoming Fight the Fees day of action on November 2.


George Brown’s new residence, The George, impresses on move-in day