Severed brings together family mystery

New video game Severed by Drinkbox Studio released on PS Vita

The element of mystery within storytelling is often difficult to convey as it skirts the line between vague plot devices and painfully obvious clues. There has to be a nuanced balance so the resolution makes sense, while at the same time being guided along by a compelling sense of intrigue that piques the audience’s curiosity.

With the game Severed, Drinkbox Studio’s latest, the player is dropped into an unknown world as the main character, Sasha, searches for her missing family—as well as her missing arm.

Much of the world, and by extension, the gameplay, is explained through characters separate from Sasha who the player runs into. They all speak to you with a sense of familiarity. Sasha charges on with little to no hesitation. These characters know something you as the player don’t know or may not have realized yet.

The world of Severed is one dominated by vivid palettes and ghastly shapes and invites the player’s interaction through its mystery-based storytelling elements. Similar to Drinkbox’s previous title, Guacamelee, themes of death abound within the game’s story. You kill monsters and fight off threats that may lead to fatalities in order to save your family from being lost to death forever. Death is at every turn and plays quite a large role as the game progresses to its climax.

What makes Severed’s gameplay so unique is the mechanics that pull it together. The main objective is slicing enemies and obstacles by use of the PS Vita’s touch screen, while moving in first-person view through 2D assets in a 3D world. This truly makes it a game like no other and a worthwhile reason to get your hands on a PS Vita to experience it.

Monsters will drop body parts which can be collected and used for upgrades that enhance the player’s battle capabilities. It’s an RPG dungeon crawler with a turn-based battle system and touch-based interaction set in a dark and foreboding world.

Drinkbox’s latest tells a compelling story that’s wrapped in engaging gameplay — no matter which way you slice it.

Severed is available for PlayStation’s PS Vita and retails for $14.99 US.


Severed brings together family mystery