ESL students on their time at George Brown

With the end of the year in sight, George Brown students from the ESL program share their experiences of studying at the college

IMG_1068Dennis Gomez Rosales, student in level 5

ESL at George Brown helped me learn English; it is the best opportunity for new people in Canada to learn English with a kind teacher.

IMG_1064Liliya Khamzina, student in level 8

I started in level 6. Before that, I had problems with writing because I didn’t know academic vocabulary. In level 6 I learned vocabulary and in level 7 and 8 I learned academic writing. Now I can speak about different ideas.

IMG_1060Negar Asadzadeh Raj, student in level 8

At first, I knew a few words and a few grammar structures, but after one year I improved my writing, vocabulary and grammar. Now I can use English in daily conversation. I can write essays on different subjects too. It makes me happy because I finally learned a new language.

IMG_1058Aysen Boyrat Cetinkaya, student in level 8

I have problems in most subjects. My writing is good, but speaking and vocabulary are not enough for daily conversations. I need to learn more to improve my English.

IMG_1049 (1)Muhammad Abrar, student in level 8

In the beginning I was a little shy to speak in front of people, but now I feel more confident. My writing and vocabulary is improving and I am comfortable doing presentations.

111Ekaterine Napireli, student in level 7 

At the beginning, I could not speak fluently, could not understand what people said to me and could not write. Now I feel comfortable with my English which gives me an opportunity to connect with people and share ideas with each other. I can read, speak, listen and communicate effectively. I would like to say thank GBC and its teachers.

IMG_1042Maria Teresa Romero, student in level 8 

Not only all nationalities but also all ages are welcome at GBC. Everybody knows that learning another language when you are an adult can be a slower process. It is my case. When I started at level 3 a year ago, I didn’t know anything about English. I think I have achieved many goals in learning English now, but I’m aware that my speaking and listening is not fluent yet.

UntitledMaya Roitshtein, student in level 8

I learned a lot during 8 months here. I have improved reading and writing a lot, but wish GBC would have focused more on speaking and vocabulary.


ESL students on their time at George Brown