What’s tasty at Casa Loma: Roti Cuisine of India

Roti Cuisine of India
308 Dupont St


A few steps west of Dupont Station, Roti Cuisine of India is a must-go place for foodies seeking to soothe their hunger. The sumptuous variety of rotis offered will make the restaurant one of your favourites.

The menu offers curried classics like butter chicken roti, mutter paneer roti, and saag roti, which are a few of the hot-selling items. Roti Cuisine’s unique way of presenting North Indian cuisine as West Indian is a striking element of the restaurant. An otherwise routine combination of North Indian-style roti and curry gives the West Indian food a style makeover which steals the show.

The mutter paneer roti is a perfect blend of spices and creamy enough to dissolve your hunger with a single bite. Each dish can be made mild, medium, or very spicy by request.

All roti items on the menu are around $8.50 per person plus taxes making it an ideal place for students to grab a lunch or dinner. Even though all the rotis on the menu are priced at $8 or higher, the portions easily serve two people.

In addition to being good spot to dine, Roti Cuisine of India is popular for take-out in the neighbourhood. With several vegetarian options available, it is a great place for students to eat.


What’s tasty at Casa Loma: Roti Cuisine of India