Time-traveling to save the earth

Super Time Force Ultra a fresh throw-back game

The earth is doomed, entangled in the chaos of the post-apocalypse, and only time-travel will be able to save it. Or at least that’s what the opening credits to Capybara Games’ Super Time Force Ultra tell you.

Super Time Force Ultra is an interesting and hectic (in the best way possible) combination of game mechanics that keeps the player on their toes every step of the way. Within the first few minutes, the game plays like an action shooter with platforming elements. As the introduction progressed, however, the game’s other main mechanic of ‘time out’ came into play.

In Super Time Force Ultra the player must reach the end of the level before the timer runs out, shooting and destroying enemies, collecting power-ups, and saving the world along the way. Because of its time sensitive nature, the usage of the time travel mechanic becomes crucial in how a player achieves victory. When the player chooses to employ this ability, time will freeze in the game and the player is allowed to rewind time (within the allotted amount) to correct any missteps they may have had. The player may also switch between different characters when they “time out”, with each different character having a specialty, such as being a defensive fighter over a long-distance shooter.

The game’s look is incredibly fun and colourful, utilizing simple yet intricate pixel art. At times it certainly feels like a throw-back to older action-shooter games from past decades, while still feeling fresh and new. There were levels that proved to be challenging but still provided a rich gameplay experience. The humour embedded in the narrative and overall world of Super Time Force Ultra also helps in adding to the game’s fast-paced action and time-travelling antics.

Super Time Force Ultra was first released in 2014 by local Toronto indie studio Capybara Games (Superbothers: Sword & Sworcery and Below, the latter currently in development). Since its development, it has been featured at various festivals and conferences, such as Indiecade, Gamercamp, E3, and more.

Super Time Force Ultra is available for $14.99 on Xbox One and PS4/PSVita and $16.99 on Steam.


Time-traveling to save the earth