George Brown College gets $400,000 for food research

Helderleigh Foundation partners with George Brown in nutrition research and development

George Brown College (GBC) has opened a large door of opportunity with a new partnership with the Helderleigh Foundation, a registered charity working to improve nutrition city-wide through research and development.

The Helderleigh Nutrition Application Fund will make $400,000 available over the next four years for nutrition and health-related applied research projects at the centre for hospitality and culinary arts (CHCA) and George Brown’s food innovation and research studio.

The research will engage municipalities, universities, schools, health agencies and hospitals in helping to improve the diet, physical health and wellness of people in the greater Toronto area.

Robert Luke, the vice president of research and innovation at GBC, is enthusiastic about bringing the new opportunities to students.

“Students get to practice their top skills, and get exposure with our partners. By working on real projects for third parties with the community and industry partners, they get to learn what it means to be an innovating person in the economy,” said Luke.

“For reaching out to the community, we are delighted to have joined another like-minded partner, the Helderleigh Foundation, with the (goal of) helping others as the very highest priority,” said CHCA dean Lorraine Trotter.

“The first researchers at our chef school team, of whom I’m so very proud, are ready for the call from organizations brought to you today, to help deliver nutrition through innovative food selections to those in our community that need our help the most,” said Trotter.

Project applications will be accepted each summer, fall and winter following a call for proposals. The first call for applications will take place in the spring of 2016. Applications will be evaluated by a task force comprised of research and culinary experts from GBC and the Helderleigh Foundation, according to a press release from the college.


George Brown College gets $400,000 for food research