Huskies dodgeball team finishes second in George Brown tournament

Team sets sights on next tournament

The Huskies extramural dodgeball team made their way to the championship round of the George Brown Tournament before losing to Humber Lakeshore, 5-2.

“Honestly, we tried to play the best that we can and improve on every mistake that we made,” said Tivon James, a first year student in the HVAC program at Casa Loma. “For us, it’s just about overcoming those nerves and not getting tired in the final moments of the game.” He added, “it’s all about improving for us.”

The Jan. 28 tournament was hosted on the Huskies’ home turf in the St. James campus. The Huskies played six games in the tournament, defeating Niagara and Laurier Brantford, finishing with a record of 2-2-2.

Extramural dodgeball is a team sport where six players compete to knock the opposing six players out of the game. Huskies dodgeball coach, Matthias Pizzera explained that unlike intramural dodgeball where students participate within their own school, in extramural dodgeball it’s school teams competing against other school teams.

The Huskies brought strong play and good effort to the court, but after six games of dodging, and diving, Humber Lakeshore was able to overcome the George Brown Huskies offensive in the final round, winning the match 5-2.

Pizzera was extremely excited about this tournament and said that despite the loss, their expectations will remain high for their next tournament. James, who was one of the standout players on the Huskies team, added that he thinks his team will put in a strong performance in their final tournament this year.


Huskies dodgeball team finishes second in George Brown tournament