Going deep into ramen culture

Chef Hogan to share insights from training overseas

Mark your calendars, gather your chopsticks, reschedule your pho plans and keep your taste buds from getting burnt. Chef Nathan Hogan is kicking of this year’s Tastes of Tomorrow series with a ramen demonstration on Feb. 1. The event was originally scheduled for Jan. 18.

Starting at 6 p.m. at the Centre of Hospitality and Culinary Arts, this umami-filled experience will celebrate the Japanese ramen culture which has become one of Toronto’s hottest restaurant trends. Chef Hogan will offer event guests tasty treats featuring his own renditions of ramen picked up from his rigorous training in restaurants and culinary adventures in Japan and Central Asia.

Hogan’s ramen combines the ancient food of wheat noodles with a savoury broth and rich garnishes to create contemporary cuisine with a traditional Asian flare.

According to Hogan, the event will also teach students the significance of Japanese cuisine, and how it impacted the perception of the growing ramen culture as a whole.

He explained that “everybody loves ramen, but they don’t really know what it’s about in terms of the different styles, the cooking of the noodles, the cutting of the egg and the broth.” He added, “the culture, history and complexity of all of it is something I want to touch on, and I’ll be showing you my go-to ramens.”

The event won’t just have lessons on ramen though, as samples will also be provided. “Guests can of course look forward to all the tastes of ramen. It stays true to the cuisine,” said Hogan.

Passes are $5 for anyone (free for ToT members) interested to discover that there are no limits on creativity, and be inspired to find your own style. In the meantime,  be sure to keep your appetite satiated with Chef Hogan’s ramen blog, Cooking With Soul, which details his chronicles of exploring the ramen underworld across Asia.

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Going deep into ramen culture