Games in Casa Loma campus should have time limits : Editorial

The newly renovated Student Centre at George Brown College’s Casa Loma campus comes equipped with a new video games room. There is presently no time limit in place for playing the games, and some students are not being considerate of others.

Not sharing the time playing the games is childish. As the majority of college students are adults, why not let others students have a chance to play?

After the renovation, the Casa Loma Student Centre is now a bright and more inviting space. The new video games room is always busy with students playing and having a good time.

Currently students are allowed as much time as they would like in the new games room, which has some users hogging the space. College students should be respectful of their peers and realize that it’s not fair if a small number of students dominate the consoles.

Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to play the games considering the service was put in place for all students and all students pay the building fee that funded the renovations.

Jason Beeston, the facilities co-ordinator for the Student Association of George Brown College, which also publishes The Dialog, says they will be implementing a time limit on the games to ensure that all students can play.

This is a good step towards fairness but to be honest you shouldn’t need to be told you need to stop playing. Just because you were there first does not mean you have the right to sit there playing for as long as you want, take turns playing so everyone can enjoy the space.

While at school students should be focusing on their studies, so if you’re playing games for hours where does homework fit in?

College is a place for learning, and while students certainly need breaks from their work, we should understand that it’s counterproductive to play games for long periods of time while at school.

In no way do we feel that the games should be removed. We are just saying that students should consider other students when playing the games and play nicely together.

George Brown is a big community and everyone who comes here is part of it, so we need to behave in a way that reflects this. All the opportunities at the college, activities, including video games, are meant for everyone so please allow others to have a chance at them.


Games in Casa Loma campus should have time limits : Editorial