Student specials near Waterfront campus

Bolet’s Burrito
134 Lower Sherbourne Street

Bolet’s Burrito was established about six years ago by a husband and wife team. The place is popular for offering a wide variety of Filipino and Mexican fusion burritos. Bolet’s has a student special (ID required) on six-inch burritos for $5 including taxes. The meats and veggies are freshly prepared to order. Students mostly go for the barbecue pulled pork burrito. Located in between St. James and Waterfront campuses, Bolet’s is a great spot for students on the move between the two.


La Prep
25 Dockside Drive

A small café located in the Corus Quay just a few steps away from Waterfront campus, La Prep is the ultimate escape for students and staff looking for better coffee than Tim Hortons. The staff at La Prep offer freshly prepared breakfast and other menu items including muffins, cookies, pastries, fruit salads, soups, bagels and sandwiches.

Every day is a new story at La Prep and you will get to choose from their daily specials for lunch and breakfast as well as a variety of pre-made items. On Mondays they offer Latte’s for $2 and special on Moccas on Wednesdays for $2.50, plus tax.  An average meal would cost around $8.50 with taxes included for a sandwich and a drink.


Student specials near Waterfront campus