GBC Fixer: Gas leak leaves students in the cold

Complaint about cold showers and slow water fountain gets action

Last week a George Brown College student voiced his complaints through Twitter about the athletic facilities at St. James campus.

“Bad equipment, poor maintenance, zero drinking water, and now no hot water showers. I’m not sure how this is considered a gym?” wrote Josh Gallant.

We contacted Gerard Hayes, director of student life at George Brown College, who shed light on what exactly happened.

“Unfortunately, there was a gas leak. A pipe cracked outside of the building which knocked out all of the gas to the building, and it has nothing to do with the gymnasium. The gas heats the water for the entire building and it went down in the morning of Wednesday Nov. 11, and was back up that night,” said Hayes.  “In regards to our water fountains, they have been taken down by our facilities department, and they have ordered a replacement part to fix the flow issue.”

Hayes said a hard-to-find part for the water fountain has been ordered and will be installed when it arrives later in the week.

Gallant said he expects more from the school especially because it is mandatory that students pay athletic fees. “If those services are not being maintained then I do not think it makes sense to be charging students for those amenities as a part of our tuition fees.”

Hayes welcomes any suggestions students have in regards to the maintenance of the athletic facility and its equipment.

“Last year we had students suggest a stair climbing machine, and we ordered it and put it in right away,” said Hayes. “In our Casa Loma campus we had a young student in a wheelchair who asked for a wheelchair piece of equipment, and we now have it in the new gym, so I think as fast as we hear about the issues we can respond. But if they don’t come and tell us, there is not much we can do.”

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GBC Fixer: Gas leak leaves students in the cold