Men's volleyball captain Dart Jackman makes an impact

Pursuing a business marketing career, Jackman wants to share his knowledge with younger volleyball athletes

Image of George Brown Volleyball team in a game

George Brown Volleyball team in a game | Photo Courtesy: Huskies

Team captain Dart Jackman, a highly competitive outside hitter for the George Brown College men’s volleyball team, is ready to make an impact this season. Jackman first started playing volleyball in his last year of high school and for about seven years this sport has been his fatal attraction.

To Jackman, volleyball is his identity, it defines him as a person, and he plays because he loves the competition and hard work. However Jackman’s education, is always his first priority.

Currently in his second year of business marketing at St. James campus, Jackman would like to pursue post-graduate studies for event planning or brand management.

Jackman played soccer and basketball growing up and throughout high school. As he aged, he saw his peers developing their skills much more quickly than he was. Unable to keep up with his peers, he took a break from athletics in grade 11, but when he reached his senior year, he was offered a spot on the volleyball team because of his height, standing 6’2.

After the first practice, Jackman had a burning ambition to learn and be the best at the sport, and playing became an obsession after that.

“I would love to share my knowledge with younger athletes once I graduate. I feel I have an understanding of the game and that will definitely help them,” said Jackman. Noting that volleyball players have to make hundreds of jumps each game, Jackman said the sport is as, if not more, strenuous than basketball.

“Make a basketball player try to dunk a ball in the span of an hour at least 150-200 times, just keep dunking,” said Jackman. “It’s not easy and that’s what we do every game.”

His coach, Josh Nichol, said Jackman is a great ambassador for the team and the college as well. “He has great work ethics that applies to all areas of his life. He is a good student, varsity athlete, works part-time, and is a great person to be around.”

Since the volleyball team has a lot of rookies and only a few returning players, they are still in the process of getting a feel for one another. Since the beginning of the season, they have posted a 2-2 record. As they continue working on their speed and chemistry, Jackman confidently sees the team finishing near the top of the Eastern Conference.

“Honestly, the group of guys we have this year is pretty awesome,” said Jackman. “As a captain of the team, my responsibilities aren’t too demanding with respect to making sure a healthy relationship is fostered among the team. The most I have done is set an example for everyone else, and in turn they guide me just the same.”


Men's volleyball captain Dart Jackman makes an impact