George Brown student comes out with first feature-length film

Matthew Scott produces movie after doing visual effects for Orphan Black

Image of poster for the movie with title above REMEMBER TO HIGH FIVE THE SALESMAN with a cartoon drawing of a man walking the alley and website address at bottom

Official Wallpaper of the movie “Remember to High Five The Salesman” | Photo Courtesy: Famous Motion Pictures

Matthew Scott, a 2012 graduate of George Brown’s Post Graduate Game Design Program has been working professionally in the film and television industry for many years now including as a visual effects coordinator for the first season of the television series Orphan Black. Scott has recently finished his first feature length film “Remember to High Five the Salesman.”

The movie is about a paper shredder salesman (played by Martin Lindquist) who is hiding from someone and a reporter (played by Melina Gammersbach) who is trying to write a magazine article about him to restore her career. The full movie can be watched for free on his website: and is a must-see for eager moviegoers.

When creating his films, Scott gets his inspiration from video games, more specifically games with long and detailed story lines. One game he enjoys is Grand Theft Auto, because in the more recent versions of the game, the player gets to interact with so many different characters and environments, which gives the game good replay value. Having the viewer more engaged in the content is a quality, Scott says, he really admires.

In Remember to High Five the Sales Man, Scott says he hid a few “Easter eggs” — basically subtle hints that aren’t always apparent the first time you watch the movie, but which help the story line mesh together.

“The hardest thing about film making is getting people to see your movie,” reflected Scott. For new filmmakers who haven’t quite built that network or following yet, it can be difficult to get out and build that network, explained Scott.

It can be hard to promote yourself on social media because so many people are trying to do the same. Viewers must be selective since there are so many content producers competing for their attention.

Scott likes to have informational sessions with other filmmakers to help them learn. Workshops are a great way to network and simultaneously learn, he said.


Remember To High Five The Salesman (2015) clip #3 from Famous Motion Pictures on Vimeo.


George Brown student comes out with first feature-length film