New wireless ChargeSpot devices installed on campus

Technology once limited to boardrooms,  is now expanding to educational institutions

Image of ChargeSpot Wireless device connected to a non wireless charging mobile phone

ChargeSpot Wireless device connected to a non wireless charging mobile phone | Photo: Renuka Malhotra / The Dialog staff

With the increasing amount of gadgets being used by students everyday, the college is taking several measures to meet the rising demand of charging stations in various forms.

George Brown College has recently installed ChargeSpot devices as part of a pilot project at a few areas on the St. James and Waterfront campuses where students can wirelessly charge their phones.

Students just need to place their phone, as long as it has a built-in wireless receivers, on the ChargeSpot and the phone will automatically start charging. Phones which do not have built in receiver, such as iPhones, will require a “Spark” adapter, which can be borrowed from the library at no cost.

The college campuses also possess a wide range of charging facilities, from multiple smartphone charging stations to basic plug-point charging spots and USB-charging spots.

“One thing that bothers me about that (multiple smartphone charging station) and I also noticed that someone had a sign up on one that their device was stolen, that you have to hang around that station to make sure that your device doesn’t disappear,” said John Hardy, director of educational resources at the college.

“As well, I noticed that some students are actually standing there using their device while it is being recharged, but it’s kind of awkward.”

Initially, the use of ChargeSpot was limited to boardrooms, but now the company is expanding to educational institutions as well.

Hardy also told The Dialog that the newer phones don’t require the Spark adaptor whereas the older versions of cell phones did.

George Brown student Lynn Lin complained that hanging around the charging station was tiresome. “I am definitely going to use this (ChargeSpot),” she said.

“We are in the process now of getting some signage,” reported Hardy. The signs would help students recognize where the devices are available.

The next big thing on the agenda for Hardy is to get recharging locker stations. These lockers are unlike the open charging stations where students may have issues with security, as they are able to keep devices safe and secure while the student goes for lunch or a test.


New wireless ChargeSpot devices installed on campus