Chelsea Fraser newest recruit to soccer team

Athlete’s father helped shape her into a strong player

Image of Chelsea Fraser playing on field kicking the ball, she is a player on George Brown’s women’s soccer team this semester

Chelsea Fraser, player on George Brown’s women’s soccer team this semester. Photo: Emeka Ibeh / The Dialog staff

Chelsea Fraser, a 23-year old Grimsby, Ont. native and graduate from the Niagara College dental hygiene and assisting programs is the bright new starting defensive player for the Huskies’ women’s soccer team. Fraser is currently in the restorative dental hygiene program at George Brown.

Fraser attended the same elementary school from junior kindergarten through Grade 8, and Dribble Pass Shoot Soccer Academy in Hamilton, Ont. is where Fraser learned the core of what she knows about soccer now. Her dad, who has been very influential in her life, coached her at Grimsby Secondary School. Fraser’s father taught her from the age of 10 until she was 15.

“He was a dedicated parent. His goals weren’t to shape me and mould me into an amazing soccer player. He wanted me to exercise and to take morals and values from the game,” said Fraser. “Determination, commitment to teams, working as a team, being selfless and working well with others are the key points I have held on to (in order) to stay positive.”

Growing up, Fraser played baseball, volleyball and basketball and did track-and-field and cross-country running. She also played competitively for Hamilton Sparta, Grimsby Wrath and the West Lincoln Wolverines.

Fraser described her family as always wanting her and her siblings to be active, happy, healthy, and doing what they loved. That is the reason why she looks up to them so much; not a lot of families are as encouraging of their children to achieve what makes them happy.

“My folks were always like, ‘go, go, go,’” said Fraser with a smile on her face.

Huskies soccer coach John Williams spoke highly of Fraser. He explained that her composure and positive attitude adds great balance to a team that is only one or two players away from being competitive.

“(The) first minute I saw her I knew she was good. She had good touches on the field and great skills from what I saw. She is also confident and talks a lot out there on the field for someone who just came into the program,” said Williams.

With all of the knowledge that she has acquired during her years as a student, Fraser believes that now is the best time for her to play professionally because she has her education to fall back on. If a chance to go pro came her way, she would go for it, she said.

“If there is an opportunity that came knocking on my door for a sports career, I would take it because I am educated. I mean, soccer can take you so far, but once you stop playing, where do you go?” said Fraser. “So knowing that I have dental assisting and hygiene and now doing restorative hygiene, plus the fact that I am only 23 makes this the ideal time for me to play professionally.”


Chelsea Fraser newest recruit to soccer team