GBC Quest

An entertaining and rewarding way to do a self-guided campus tour

A new amusing alternative to campus tours has been developed by a team of seven staff members from Student Life, Marketing and Information Technology Services to familiarize students at George Brown College (GBC) with the campus.

Launched on Sept. 8, GBC Quest can be done in two ways: through the official George Brown College mobile app or by picking up a printed booklet at any welcome desk. Filled out booklets can then be dropped off at the welcome desk or the student service centre drop box.

Joseph Stapleton, a manager of Student Life at the college, described the new service to The Dialog. “The Quest is basically a scavenger hunt and is designed to help students, much like the campus tour, to learn where the services are and what the services do,” stated Stapleton.

img029 - CopyThe idea is simple: a student starts with a clue for the first location. If they cannot figure it out, then an easier clue pops up in a few minutes. When the location is spotted, the student will have to look for a GBC Quest sign, which will usually be attached to the wall near the service office. The beacon around the sign will then send a transmission to the phone that checks that service location off as completed.

In case the transmission fails, there is a QR code and a four-digit code on the sign you can use. For those filling out a printed booklet, the four-digit code must also be used.

In addition to the app showing that the clue has been solved correctly, the service information will also come up for the location.

“As we continue working to make our George Brown website more and more mobile friendly, the solved clue will take the student to a direct link to a mobile-friendly website,” noted Stapleton.

Patient and meticulous students are rewarded with bronze, silver and gold prizes. This can get you anything from a Tim Hortons gift card or a George Brown hoodie to an iPad mini.

Each campus has its own individual quest. Students who complete all three quests are eligible for separate prizes. The more quests you do, the more familiar with college services you become and the higher your chances of winning are.

Although the app runs year-round, the prize-winning period is only open during the start up times in September, January and May, as its main purpose is orientation for new students. Students who answer all the required questions will be eligible for the draw once it opens.

However, the quest can be done by returning students as well and the results are cumulative.

Students who begin the quest digitally but have not finished it will receive a friendly email reminder inspiring them to continue and discover all the services and opportunities the college has to offer.


GBC Quest