Volunteering can help you make the most out of college: Editorial

Taking advantage of volunteer opportunities at college can have an impact on your college experience

finds meaning in helping others with her tax skills. Photo: Brittany Barber/The Dialog

Senior volunteer at the SA tax clinic Nicole Rudat finds meaning in helping others with her tax skills.
File Photo: Brittany Barber/The Dialog

At George Brown College there are many volunteer opportunities available for students and although it may be difficult to find time in your busy schedules, volunteering at school can benefit you in a variety of ways.

It can help you make connections. Building connections is crucial to student success and future employment and participating in school activities can give you opportunities to do just that. While many students may be shy and intimidated to get involved, volunteering allows you to meet others who may share the same interests, hobbies and opinions as you, which contributes to a positive college experience.

These new experiences also expose you to new insights and this involvement can build on your character traits and help you to develop a real sense of community from working in different settings with a variety of people. Building a community or becoming a part of one is helpful in achieving academic and social success while at college.

Being able to work with all types of people is also considered an asset among potential employers and volunteering is a great way to challenge your skills and abilities. Working with others can sometimes be a difficult task and volunteering allows you to challenge yourself and help you gain new skills that make working with others much easier.

Getting involved can also make you feel empowered. The time you put into volunteering gives you the opportunity to give back to others and by doing this, your help and commitment to the people you work with, gives you a feeling of purpose and sense of accomplishment.

Some volunteer opportunities that are available to students include the Deans Volunteer recognition program, George Brown College Mental Health Conference, the Student Leadership Academy as well as the Student Association.

Students who get involved at school will benefit in many ways through gaining new knowledge and skills, making connections and gaining insights and new experiences, all of which contribute to a better college life.

Take part and volunteer with your school, you won’t be disappointed!


Volunteering can help you make the most out of college: Editorial