The Food Court Social is back

Promising an even better selection of dishes from top restaurants and chefs

Image with Gourmet Food in a bowl and drinks with a candle light on table mat labeled The Food Court social in background.

The Food Court Social returns after selling out in 2014. File Photo: Dora Liu / The Dialog

Planned from scratch last year in order to support the augmented education program, a partnership between George Brown College (GBC) and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, last year’s tickets to the Food Court Social were sold-out two months prior to the event and raised $150,000.

“The augmented education program is a tuition-free program that helps individuals, who have suffered from mental health and addiction issues in the past, to either take a culinary or a construction program and get a job placement afterwards,” said Cindy Gouveia, president of the GBC Foundation.

The GBC Foundation is the primary fundraising vehicle that serves the students who are unable to attend a post-secondary institution with opportunities to do so. It also supports the Young Leaders Council (YLC), a dedicated group of young professionals established in 2013 who help put the event together, according to GBC.

Mikhael Metauro, a leader of the YLC’s sales and marketing, states that the whole team was inspired by one of the students who went through the augmented education program.

He added that, “the moment she revealed the struggles she went through and how the augmented education truly changed her life, the YLC members knew they wanted to support the program. With George Brown’s reputation for culinary, we thought what could be better than having some type of food court with top chefs?”

You can visit to purchase tickets for $150. The event will run from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m. at Wychwood Barns.

“The event is awesome. We have a lot of fun planning it, we have a lot of fun at the event. Besides, we never lose track of what we’re trying to do,” said Metauro. “What’s great with Cindy and her team is they continue to engage us regarding the augmented education program, get us involved with what’s going on in school, being able to see the success of the students.”


The Food Court Social is back