Spice-up your dishes with aphrodisiacs

Adding aphrodisiacs to your diet can stimulate your sexual performance

Illustration of a heart over a fork and knife by Samantha Bullis.

Illustration by Samantha Bullis.

Aphrodisiac ingredients are easily available in Toronto, and you can use them in your everyday cooking to spice-up your recipe—and your sex life.

A simple ABC of aphrodisiac ingredients is:

Known as the “sex vitamin” its nutrients are packed together to help enhance sexual hormone production. Try Asparagus with prosciutto, rolled around with light vinaigrette or blanch, sautéed in butter with a dash of sea salt to enjoy the essence of nature delicately packed into these slender greens.

In Aztec culture they were called ahuacati (testicle). An avocado diet helps reduce stress in humans of any gender, and it also boosts testosterone production in men for better sexual performance. Try avocado sauce with regular pasta, or blend it with basil and seasonings to make chutney. If you’re not in the mood for experimenting try regular guacamole.

One of the most glorified herbs across the world’s cultures. You can make a jar of fresh pesto or use fresh basil to garnish your soups, salads, stews, wraps and rolls. Just play with it and follow the fun.

Black beans
A staple in almost every pantry, black beans are one of the most underrated aphrodisiacs. Try making a quick salsa or slow cooked, black-bean chili.

Used to zest-up any dish and as well as your performance. These small arsenals of aphrodisiac power can blaze any regular dishes, soups, and appetizers.

Their potency was first recognised by the Mayans and the Aztecs, and was also esteemed as the sacred drink for the gods in various mythological stories. We simply cannot deny the after effects of smooth, silky chocolates going down our throats with a sweet moan. Hot chocolates to dark or white chocolate cakes are a must on a lovers’ list.

Try whatever variety and form you relish, from fresh to dried versions, and from canned to syrupy styles, try black mission, brown turkey or kadota green figs. Use them to make cakes, puddings or just relish them with good quality goat cheese.

You may include some other readily available aphrodisiacs such as grapes, bananas, dates, pine nuts, walnuts, pomegranates, honey, lavender, nutmeg, cinnamon, rosemary and vanilla in your daily diet to keep your sex life rocking.

At the same time, avoiding anti-aphrodisiacs in your diet to prevent zapping your long-term health.

The big anti-aphrodisiacs are fatty foods, sugar, caffeine and yes, alcohol. All these foods add toxins to your systems and lower your perception of pleasure and sexual response.

Some simple tweaks to your daily diet can enhance your oomph quotient.


Spice-up your dishes with aphrodisiacs