Reflecting on the Huskies' losing season

Men’s basketball team was the only team to have more wins than losses

Curtis Baanee drives towards the net in a memorial game for the late Frankie Gyamfi against the Centennial Colts on Nov. 21. Photo: Brittany Barber/The Dialog

Curtis Baanee drives towards the net in a memorial game for the late Frankie Gyamfi against the Centennial Colts on Nov. 21. The men’s basketball team currently has five wins and four losses so far this year. Photo: Brittany Barber/The Dialog

If you’ve been involved in sports you’ve probably been taught that they are about how you play the game rather than who wins or loses. Even if you don’t play sports, we all know this is not as true as our coaches make it out to be.

At George Brown College (GBC) student athletes have worked hard, but unfortunately the majority of our Huskies athletes have faced more defeat than triumph.

The fall semester began with varsity tryouts for baseball, basketball, soccer, with the women’s and men’s soccer teams starting the Huskies’ fall season.

The co-ed cross-country teams had a better start and finish, with the women placing 6th in the province leading to nationals, and Eliud Lagat placing 10th for the men and qualifying for the second time in Ontario.

Soccer should have started on Sept. 5, but all the wind and rain brought disappointment with it. Only the women were able to play before that game was postponed because of a major thunderstorm warning.

That was the first and last day that the women’s soccer team captain, Katie Turner, stepped onto the field as she suffered a nasty fall resulting in two fractured bones in her right ankle.

The women’s soccer team finished their season with 5 wins, 2 losses and 1 tied game, although they finished on a higher note than to the men’s team which suffered 0 wins, 4 losses, and 3 ties.

It may have been in the air for the Huskies, but the losses just kept coming.

The baseball season began on Sept. 13 with a double-header and didn’t make it to home base in time before being defeated both times by St. Clair, wrapping up the season with a harsh ending.

The Huskies baseball team had 3 wins and a whopping 17 losses this season.

There is still time for the Huskies to show their rivals why they should “#FearThePack,” a hashtag often used on Twitter by Huskies supporters, players and staff.

The season is not over for the volleyball, basketball and badminton teams, who still have an average of 9.25 games left before the year’s end.

Taking a month-long break from the whirlwind of the game to focus on studies and relaxation, the volleyball and basketball team will not resume playing until the start of January when each team will enter into a tournament.

The men’s team will have resumed their season after the holidays, competing in the Niagara College tournament with the women’s team at the Durham College tournament from Jan. 2 to Jan. 4.

Both volleyball teams seem to have an eye on each other and an eye on the court as their seasons look identical to each other. With 3 wins and 6 losses there are still nine games left for the Huskies volleyball teams to show what they’re made of.

As for the basketball team, hopefully the women can return from the holidays with faster feet and a winning mentality to come back from their tough 1 win and 7 loss start of the season. Eight more games left in the season make it possible for the girls to accomplish victory after all.

At this point in the season, the men’s basketball team is most likely to represent the #FearThePack label with 5 wins and 4 losses. They have a total of 10 games to look forward to in the near future, hoping to make up for the losses they have suffered.

Even with a less than impressive year for the Huskies, there is always time to work on skills and improve on their game whether it is for next year or for the rest of the season. After all, they are a hungry Husky pack.


Reflecting on the Huskies' losing season