Summer Guide: Tobermory


Photo: Preeteesh Peetabh Singh/The Dialog

Tobermory, a beautiful town located at the north end of Bruce Peninsula, is a perfect getaway for the summer. At a four-hour drive from Toronto, the town gives you access to scuba diving, beaches, ferry rides to islands, countryside views, peaceful surroundings, trails, cottages and much more.

The Grotto – The grotto is the place to visit once you are in Tobermory. The gorgeous cave is a five-minute hike from the Indian Head Cove. You’ll have to find your way in there by following the subtle signage on the mountains.

Once you spot the grotto, it will take you some effort and daredevil moves to actually get inside the cave. A trail 30 feet down through the rocks will eventually get you there. Sit inside the cave, enjoy your beer, and chill out with friends with freshwater running across your feet.

Diving  – Tobermory, Canada’s scuba diving and snorkeling capital, offers clear water, submerged cliffs, caves, and overhangs in lake Huron and Georgian Bay. It’s a great diving location for the diving enthusiasts.

You’ll have a lot to explore with over 20 shipwrecks, some of which sank more than 100 years ago, located in the surrounding areas such as the “big tub”, “little tub” and the “gap”.

The Flowerpot Island – The Flowerpot Island is a part of the Fathom Five National Marine Park which is connected via ferry rides and cruises to the coast of Tobermory. It is another popular destination in the vicinity offering camping facilities and hiking trails.

The main attractions on the island are the two giant mountain pillars formed by erosion along the coastline of the island which look like flower pots.

Cyprus Lake campground – Located 15 km away from the town of Tobermory, the Cyprus Lake campground offers 232 drive-in campsites in three campgrounds –  Birches, Poplars and Tamarack. Overlooking the lake you can enjoy picnic tables, fire pits and grills available at the campsites. Firewood can be purchased from the campground office or local shops.

A peaceful view of the lake with minimal air pollution guarantees you star gazing on a clear night. A bonfire with barbecue cannot go wrong here.

Cottages and trail houses – If you are not a camping person, cottages and trail houses are available. These houses can be even rented for months. They are usually beside the lake with all facilities such as hot water, fireplace, kitchen utensils, and even Wi-Fi. Grocery items can be purchased from nearby shops

Food – There are plenty of good food options available around the town. Ancient Cedars Café, Beaver Tails, Crowsnest Pub & Restaurant, and Fish & Chip Place are some of the places where you can satiate your hunger after a good day of hiking.

Weather -Tobermory is usually a couple of degrees cooler than Toronto. The best months to visit there is June to August. Make sure you reserve your campsites or cottages before you go there as it can get really busy around that time.


Summer Guide: Tobermory