Nicole Rudat would love to help you do your taxes

finds meaning in helping others with her tax skills. Photo: Brittany Barber/The Dialog

Senior volunteer at the GBC tax clinic Nicole Rudat
finds meaning in helping others with her tax skills. Photo: Brittany Barber/The Dialog

The Student Association of George Brown College (GBC) is giving students the opportunity to get their taxes done for free as students in the accounting, finance and business degree programs are helping students through this often frightening process.

From March 3 to 21, students can visit the Student Association (SA) tax clinic in St. James campus (room 147) and the Waterfront campus (room 033) to get their taxes done. A team of more than 20 student volunteers from GBC are willing to help you crunch numbers and stress a little less about the April 30 tax deadline, all while answering any question you may have about the procedure.

“We work together to solve problems, nobody should do [taxes] alone,” said Nicole Rudat, senior volunteer at the tax clinic.

Hospitality comes in all forms but for Nicole Rudat, hospitality comes in the form of calculating numbers and aiding others in the most stressful time of the year: tax season.

For this cycling enthusiast, taxes bring her enjoyment rather than fear. Living in and around Toronto for all of her life, Rudat began her career at Trebas Institute in music business and excelled in event and show planning. After backpacking in Australia for two years, she worked as a dog walker and helped run a café. When her friends and colleagues began to share their fright about the tax season, Rudat took a stand and began helping people file their taxes properly.

Once Rudat found excitement in helping others with taxes, she returned to school and studied accounting at GBC. Now in a bachelor degree program, she has plans to open her own tax clinic. “I want people to feel comfortable where they do their taxes. I want to serve cappuccinos and have a big fish tank in my office with more of a boutique approach.” Rudat vividly paints a picture of a carefully thought out plan saying, “I love helping people and taxes are just an extension.”

Rudat has spent three years volunteering at the GBC tax clinic and is now in her final year, graduating in the spring. “I plan on strengthening my skills in tax and accounting as well as obtain my Certified General Accountants (CGA) designation.”

She watched as the clinic became more known throughout the students and claims that they average about 20 to 30 students per day, often with a line-up at the doorway.

With the help of Shaun Shepherd, community services co-ordinator at the SA, the tax clinic runs Monday through Friday at St. James campus and Monday through Thursday at Waterfront campus. With the expertise of accounting students at GBC, you can rest easy knowing your taxes are in good hands (and your wallet will thank you too).


Nicole Rudat would love to help you do your taxes