Letter: Fight for social justice and human rights for all

Letter to the editor

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First I have to say I enjoy reading GBCs newspaper, it provides up to date information and interesting facts about the college and events in general.

I wanted to give my opinion on the latest one which is focused on women. I found that some of the articles were superficial and lacked a good sense of encouragement and empowerment towards women.

The article “Intelligence is Sexy” was written by a single woman’s point of view and her friends? What other message is trying to be conveyed but the fact that we still live in a stereotypical world, where women are only looking forward looking pretty and by that it means putting intelligence on board to keep looking pretty? Young girls and women need a message that empowers them to be better individuals, to help their brothers and sisters, not to focus on their looks and appearance. This article is only making men and women follow that never-ending cycle of stereotyping and prejudice that the media in general knows how to do so well.

Us women do need to be confident in ourselves, but not from what others see, more with what we carry inside us: that powerful spirit that connect us to Mother Earth, that force and power from within that lead us to the road of success even though this sexist world that has tried so many times to shut us down.

Also, International Women’s Day is not about telling your partners, friends and family to buy all women gifts. That’s the wrong idea about it. It’s a reminder of the many lives that have been lost (like the 1911 New York Triangle Fire which killed more than 120 female factory workers) and the many women that fought and keep strongly advocating for the rights that many of us can enjoy today. It’s also a reminder not just focused on women, but on the entirety of humanity that we need to keep fighting for social justice and our human rights!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! And keep up the good work with The Dialog.

In solidarity,
Sarah Patino Aponte

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Letter: Fight for social justice and human rights for all