Review: Sennheiser G4ME ONE PC gaming headset

The G4ME ONE headset by Sennheiser is an amazing audio headset but is lacking gamer-specific functionality. Photo: Sennheiser

The G4ME ONE headset by Sennheiser is an amazing audio headset but is lacking gamer-specific functionality. Photo: Sennheiser

Sennheiser recently sent The Dialog its G4ME ONE PC Gaming headset to take for a test run. What I found was that while the headset provided beautiful sound and incredible comfort, its designation as a PC gaming headset seemed a little off the mark.

The construction of the headset is probably its greatest asset. It’s surprisingly light and extremely comfortable compared to many high-end headsets. The earpads go completely over the ears and sit much more comfortably than on-the-ear varieties of headset. Additional padding on the headband is firm enough to hold the plastic band away from the head while still remaining soft enough to provide a comfortable cushion.

They are also ventilated to prevent discomfort during long gaming sessions. I spent long stretches using them to listen to music while working and found that these vents worked well; I experienced no uncomfortable warmth as I sometimes do with my usual headset. A volume wheel on the side of the earpiece allows for quick volume control without having to pause your game.

The flexibility of the body is another strong point. The headband is made of flexible plastic which seems well-suited to easier removal when needed. The neck of the microphone has a similar flexible centre, allowing the wearer some peace of mind while using the mic by giving it enough give that it can withstand some bending and heavier use without snapping. The earpieces also flex independently on a hinge, allowing for a close, custom fit on the head.

When it comes to sound, however, the G4ME ONE falls a little flat as a headset specifically designated for gaming.

Make no mistake—the sound quality for music is superb as it always is with Sennheiser’s equipment. The headset provides excellent, full low range and is a pleasure to listen to. I tested with some dubstep and bass-heavy metal and found it to play more dynamic bass than my usual mid-range headset. On mid and high range sounds like punk, indie, and folk music, it didn’t make quite the same impression but was nonetheless still a pleasure to listen to. For listening to music, this is an exceptional headset.

For in-game audio, sound definition is equally excellent. Gunfire and loud action are a little more viscerally exciting with the rich low-end, while more delicate sounds and in-game music remain clearly audible and distinct. The sound feels quite realistic.

However, this is also a bit of a drawback for this product. While other gaming headsets in a similar range often come with special sound features (such as amplification of speech—great for multiplayer games and listening to in-game characters), this set doesn’t offer any features other than clear, rich sound. When playing with a friend, I had no particular difficulty hearing his voice, but also didn’t find the headset to enhance my gaming experience in terms of multiplayer audio. Equalization options would have been a useful addition.

I had a musician/audiophile friend weigh in on the mic quality as well. The box boasts its “pro noise cancelling microphone”, so I asked him to listen to the mic audio. His thoughts? “Not great.” While the mic audio is better than many built-in mics, it doesn’t seem to offer anything particularly special.

The G4ME ONE provides beautiful audio, particularly for music, and is extraordinarily comfortable. But when it comes to PC gaming, the product doesn’t seem to provide any particular benefits that justify the $349.99 price tag as a device specifically for gaming. I’ve been very pleased with the quality of Sennheiser products I’ve used in the past, and this headset is no exception. However, this quality isn’t enough on its own to warrant a recommendation as a PC-gaming specific device.



Review: Sennheiser G4ME ONE PC gaming headset