Huskies looking good at end of fall semester

The men’s basketball team works together to keep the ball away from the Georgian College Grizzlies. Photo courtesy GBC athletics.

The men’s basketball team works together to keep the ball away from the Georgian College Grizzlies.
Photo courtesy GBC athletics.


George Brown College (GBC) athletics had a decent fall season with exceptionally good results in cross country while failing miserably in soccer. With the winter season coming up the volleyball and basketball teams are well placed at the moment and things are looking good for the Huskies.

Here’s a look at how GBC’s varsity teams fared in the last season, who made records, which teams did not do well and what to look up for in the winter semester.


Cross country running: GBC’s cross country team ended a terrific season with both women’s and men’s team advancing into the nationals. The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) national championships were held in Humber on Nov. 9. The women’s team finished in 16th place while men’s team finished 19th.

Individual runners brought laurels to the college with Sean Sweeney finishing 10th in Canada at 26:31 minutes in the men’s eight kilometre run, while Joanita Louw was placed 14th in the women’s five kilometre run clocked 20:26 minutes in the nationals.


Men’s baseball: Men’s baseball found it rather tough in their inaugural season. With only five teams participating, the Huskies eventually made the cut to the playoffs after leaving it to the end winning their last game against Seneca to qualify.

The Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) championship was held in Windsor on Oct. 18 and 19 where GBC lost to St. Clair and Durham.

Mckenzie Smikle and Jamie Lennox were chosen as OCAA all-stars for their consistent performance throughout the season.


Soccer: With women’s and men’s teams losing the race for the playoffs there was nothing to write home about for the Huskies outdoor soccer.

Ending a disappointing season, both teams finished seventh in the OCAA east division rankings. Women’s team scored 10 goals in the season with two wins and one tie in nine matches whereas men’s team won two and tied one, scoring only three goals in eight matches.


Volleyball: GBC’s women’s and men’s volleyball teams are half way through the long season which started on Oct. 23 and runs until Feb. 12. After playing nine games out of 18, both teams are doing well.

The men’s team is stacking up the points after winning seven games and is currently third out of 10 teams participating in the east division. The women’s team is crammed up in the middle of the table at seventh place with four wins and five losses so far.


Basketball: GBC has a history of producing fine basketball players, and this season is no different. With a blend of rookies and veterans in the squad, the women’s and men’s team are looking solid.

The Huskies men are on a roll at second place, next to Algonquin with eight wins, two losses and 16 points so far while women’s team with a 50 per cent win ratio are in the fifth. They have won four out of their eight games and have accumulated eight points with eight more games to go.


Badminton: Huskies badminton contingent has started warming up for the OCAA qualifiers, to be held in February 2014 at Georgian College, by playing exhibition games and tournaments. The GBC invitational tournament was held on Dec. 14 and 15 at the Alex Barbier Gym.


Huskies looking good at end of fall semester