Fitness boot camp whips George Brown students into shape

fitness studio at the St. James Campus. Photo: Preeteesh Peetabh Singh/The Dialog

Boot camp instructor Carl Lyte working out with students in the
fitness studio at the St. James Campus. Photo: Preeteesh Peetabh Singh/The Dialog

Working out at the gym and playng varsity-level sports are not the only option available for students at George Brown College (GBC) to keep fit.

Intramural leagues at GBC are a great way to get involved in the sport students like, including basketball, cricket, indoor flag football, volleyball, dodge ball and many more.

GBC also offers fitness classes which are held throughout the week.

“It’s important for everybody to make health and fitness a part of their lifestyle. It shouldn’t be something that you make an effort to do, but something that you do naturally,” said Deanna Oliver, GBC’s fitness and women’s varsity co-ordinator.

Fitness classes at GBC include flow yoga, power yoga, spin yoga, zumba, pilates, yogilates, body sculpt, studio cycling, meditation and boot camp.

Classes are conducted in the fitness studios at St. James and Casa Loma campuses. Students can register for a class for $40 for the season. Registrations begin in January.

“Right now students can pay $10 and try any of the classes. So that when registration starts next year, they will have an idea which class works best for them,” said Oliver.

One of the classes conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays at St. James is boot camp. The boot camp workout is inspired by hardcore military training throughout the world.

“Boot camp is hard work and dedication. We go through a lot of exercises using no weights at all, strictly using your body weight in order to get you in shape,” said boot camp instructor Carl Lyte. “Classes are usually very tough. Don’t over exert yourself, but push yourself as hard as you can and don’t give up.”

Roy Ramirez, 34, a student sweating it out at the camp, said, “In general the whole thing is pretty exhausting but that’s what makes in such a good workout. Incorporation of both cardio and core at the same time gives you a pretty balanced workout.”

Other popular classes are zumba and power yoga. Zumba is a form of aerobics inspired by different styles of Latin American dance moves whereas power yoga is a modern form of classical Indian yoga which is also known as flow yoga.

“Health and fitness is a lifestyle. It makes you a better person overall. Once your body feels better, you feel better,” said Lyte.

GBC has been stepping up their game in regards to athletics, health and fitness facilities for students. Recently, there was an announcement about a complete renovation of the athletic facilities at Casa Loma campus.

This major infrastructure development is likely to begin next year but students have all the reasons to rejoice.


Fitness boot camp whips George Brown students into shape