GBC app puts the college in the palm of your hand

Tina Todaro
Staff Reporter

A screenshot of the GBC app front page displayed on a smartphone

Image courtesy of George Brown College

George Brown College (GBC) recently developed a new cell phone app, in an effort to make navigating through the school much simpler and more effective.

The app contains an organized list, which act as links for students to access their grades, campus location and contact information.

Not only does this app provide with direct links to the college, it also allows students to access GBC’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Using GBC student ID and STU-VIEW password, students can have quick access to all the program information. Contact information for each centre, campus, and offices located at the schools are provided to students. They are also able to view their complete timetables, by full schedule or time.

This app allows students to be kept up-to-date on current grades, and notifies them of any changes or issues pertaining to their personal GBC accounts.

The ‘blackboard’ app also keeps students current on grades and course information, but the new GBC app, strictly designed for GBC students might prove to be a quicker and more efficient way to stay in the loop while being kept busy with homework and assignments.

Included in the app are college maps. Shown on a grid, students can easily navigate through all the campuses and easily find which building their classes or offices are located.

The app includes GBC library as a quick link, allowing students to book a room for study groups, view computer availability, hours, personal library accounts and search the library database.

With the introduction of the new GBC app, students have access to the college right in the palm of their hands.


GBC app puts the college in the palm of your hand