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By Karen Nickel & Danilo Barba

Why do I have to pay a student Activity Fee? What’s it for? 

The Student Activity Fee ($87.42 per semester) is a way for the Student Association to keep a funding stream for all the amazing things they offer full-time students. Services range from funding an academic advocacy advisor to guide students through the sometimes confusing process of appealing your grades to providing awards and scholarships for students who qualify. Fees also go towards having social events and clubs for students to get involved with; it helps to keep the student food bank going; and it pays for your campus newspaper and online media sites. All of these services are why there are student fees. -K.N.

I’ve started to see someone over the summer and both of us are enrolled in George Brown this year. We will be spending all our free time together. I was wondering if there is anywhere on campus we can find condoms in case we run out? 

Great question! The Community Action Centre has a basket with different kinds of condoms where students can grab as many as they need. The best part is that they are free! Torontonians are pretty lucky in that there are a number of places providing safer sex products around town that you never have to buy them again. Some places even have non-latex brands, lube, and female condoms. If the Community Action Centre on your campus doesn’t have any condoms send them an email and ask them to put some out for students. Unfortunately, most places run out of the larger Magnum condoms pretty fast (I think maybe that’s wishful thinking).-K.N.

Can I make photocopies from the textbooks? How much of them can be copied legally? 

Yes, but there are some restrictions. If photocopies do not substitute for the purchase of course texts and the portion copied is insubstantial (up to 10 per cent of a work), it can be used in the classroom. -D.B.

Does GBC have a hostel? What kind of accommodation do they provide? 

No, our student residence building will be opening in 2016. But George Brown College’s long-time partner in student homestay accommodation, Student Homestay Services (SHS), maintains a network of caring families. To guarantee a spot with a host family, please complete your homestay application by visiting the Student Homestay Services website: Make sure you do not send your payment to the college! -D.B.

Who do I report to if I have been harassed in college? 

Call Public Safety and Security at: 416- 415-4000 (ext. 8000) or Diversity, Equity, and Human Rights 416.415.5000 (ext. 6670/4715/4609). -D.B.

Am I allowed to use a voice recorder in class? 

Students may audiotape their class under the following conditions:
They must first ask the faculty for permission to audiotape, and permis sion will not be unreasonably with held. It is recognized that some classes such as group processing classes may not be appropriate for audio recording. All members of the class must know the class is being taped;
The individual student will only use the tape of class for academic purposes;
The right to privacy of the faculty and the members of the class will be respected;
They submit to faculty a Student Ac commodation Form indicating ‘audio taping’ as an accommodation by the Disability Services office under the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC). -D.B.

How can I get my GBC ID? 

Please visit the library circulation desk with a piece of photo ID (Passport, driver’s license) and your timetable. Your photo ID will identify you as student at the college giving you access to many of our facilities, including the open access computer learning centres. -D.B.

How can I access internet on my smartphone or laptop at GBC campus? 

Students can log in to GBC’s wifi network on their devices with their student number and STU-VIEW password. -D.B.


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Ask us anything!