Valentine’s Day – budget dating ideas!

By Preeteesh Peetabh Singh
Dialog Reporter

Don’t worry if you cannot afford that dinner at the 360 degree revolving restaurant on the CN tower. No problem if you don’t have the means for a luxurious couple spa which is quite trendy today. It’s okay if you can’t plan a trip to Montreal with your partner. Booking a chopper for a ride is not always a winner when it comes to wooing your date on Valentine’s Day.

The Dialog brings you the top 10 budget dating ideas that won’t make you go broke for the rest of the month.

Photo: Chris Palmer / Flickr Creative Commons

Photo: Chris Palmer / Flickr Creative Commons

Skate date: Go ice skating with your partner at Harbourfront or Nathan Phillips Square. You can rent the skates just for 10 bucks and enjoy two hours of hand-in-hand skating session. Make sure you take some ID for the rentals. 

Re-live your first date: Do you remember the first date with your partner? Recall it and re-live it. Go to the place where you first went or plan a similar setting at home and act out the entire date. As the feeling of nostalgia starts to creep in you will start enjoying the session.

Go tobogganing: Put on your snow pants and go tobogganing on the slopes. Its hassle free and you don’t have to be a skier. Follow the kids and ask them for some good spots.

Candle-lit home-made dinner: This one is for the romantics, play soft music, turn off the lights and light some candles. Follow it up with a home-made special dinner with each other’s favourite food on the platter.

Play a game: Play an indoor game you already have or walk to the dollar store to get it. Poker with peanuts, tumbling tower, puzzles etc. The fun part is, each point scored gives the winner an incentive to ask for anything they want from their partner.

Movie night: Rent a movie or get one from the library and watch it together with a bucket of popcorn. If you want to go out, hit the nearby theatre.

Bubble-bath: Take a relaxing bubble bath together in the tub. Don’t rush out, instead spend some time and play around mischievously.

Kiss and tell: Kiss differently this Valentine’s. The lip-gloss kiss, Spider-man kiss, Dracula kiss, butterfly kiss, Eskimo kiss, Hickey kiss, cold/ice kiss, tiger kiss and copy-cat kiss. Haven’t heard about them? Good time to Google it and surprise your partner.

Strip-tease: Learn to carry off a strip-tease performance and surprise your lover, they will love it for sure.

Walk: Go for a walk with your partner and talk about the future. Not your own career goals, but your future together.

Love is not about the money you spend on each other, but it is surely about the way you express it. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day – budget dating ideas!