• Julianna

    Absolutely disappointed with how things were handled by the college. Students travel from all over and yet no one cared that we have a far commute in this weather. George brown should be ashamed for continuing to remain open when all other colleges and universities were closed. It wasn’t just a little bit of snow it was a snow storm. People died yesterday because of weather conditions and yet you were still asking us to commute. I’m completely disgusted with how this school is run. The website wasn’t updated for anyone to know what was going on clearly money takes precedence over safety.

    • Concerned student

      I agree 100% with Julianna, and am ashamed to be attending GBC.
      It took me 2 hours to get to georgebrown on the day of the storm, and 3 hours to get home, for a 3 hour class. Sure we have the option of just not showing up, but no when a mid-term is to be held on the day of the storm, by an ignorant proff who had not bothered to postpone the exam (ignorant college, will most def higher ignorant profs). All of the news agencies reported that the street clean up service would start/resume after the snow fall had ended, which would and happend to be after 6 pm, but georgebrown college kicked out the students by 3pm. After my class I went to the lab to work on my assignment, just to be kicked out my some prof who can barely speak english (figures, I guess its cheaper for them to higher these kind of instructors?). I DESPISE GBC, but having invested over $24,000.00 I cant just get up and lve b4 finishing my program.