Moustaches optional at dodgeball tourney

By S. Lily Luong Do 
Special to The Dialog

The Huskies dodgeball team in action during the tournament at Humber. Photo: S. Lily Luong Do / The Dialog

The Huskies dodgeball team in action during the tournament at Humber.Photo: S. Lily Luong Do / The Dialog

On Oct. 26, the Huskies took to the courts ‘dodging’ balls of fury on rival territory – the Humber Hawks’ Lakeshore campus – in an intense match to the death of dodgeball.

Yes, dodgeball. For those of you who do not know about the sport, it’s a game that involves rules and dodging balls thrown at yourself by opposing teams ‘tagging’ until the last player on your team is standing claiming victory. Anywhere but the head and palms are fair game.

And, yes, it is exactly like the movie Dodgeball minus the trampolines and faux moustaches. Moustaches and proper game attire are optional.

Did you know that George Brown College (GBC) is responsible for taking the fun childhood game to the blow-by-blow competitive level?

George Brown entered the competition warming up at Humber North campus where they were beat 6-1 with their smorgasbord strategy where players are strategically all over the place.

In round 2 the Huskies played Boreal beating Boreal, 6-2. After intermission and a break for a sip of questionable Sunny D, the Hawks faced newbie dodgeballers Centennial College.

In a heated game of ‘He did what and she wanted to kick your butt, what?’ one Husky player was benched for what refs claimed was a bad toss to the head, leaving a female Centennial player red in the face. A scuffle broke out forcing the conveners to sanction and possibly disqualify teams for poor and dirty sportsmanship.

By the time the semifinals came around, it was clear that the Hawks coached by Victor Gravili, were the team to beat. Word on the street was that Humber sports and recreation is heavily invested in.

For teams like the Huskies, nervous breakdowns of how to beat Lakeshore and North were the norm. Fortunately for George Brown their worries were put to rest as they placed in third with Humber Lakeshore and North in first, and second place. At least GBC doesn’t have an identity crises.

A special mention made to coach Tammy Nopuente and the Huskies whom welcomed The Dialog ‘balls out’ to your game.

Keep your heads held high. You’re all champs to me.

Dodgeball is f*$k#n intense!


Moustaches optional at dodgeball tourney