GBC to create a green building centre

By Preeteesh Peetabh Singh 
Dialog Reporter

Casa Loma campus. File photo: GBC

Casa Loma campus. File photo: GBC

The Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies (CCET) at Casa Loma campus is creating a green building centre to fast-track sustainable construction and innovation.

This new centre will help train students in advanced construction sys­tems, efficient buildings and green energy. This centre will focus on construction practices that are environmentally responsible and re­source-efficient throughout a build­ing’s life cycle: from site selection to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and demolition.

“Essentially what we are doing is renovating space at the CCET, Casa Loma to create more opportunities for our students. The labs will be installed with advanced equipment that will help the students to engage in applied research as a part of the teaching and learning experience of the college.” said Robert Luke, assistant vice president of research and innovation at George Brown College.

According to Luke, the new centre will have two labs, the building sci­ence lab which will include build­ing, monitoring, and creating enve­lopes of concrete structures. It will also provide a test site and demon­stration lab for companies that want to refine prototypes and test innova­tive systems and technologies in a realistic setting.

The other lab will be an advanced prototyping lab. It will include computer numeric control (CNC) machines, 3D printers and fabrica­tors. This lab will focus on rapid development of new products and services.

Other than the labs, the centre will have an international business of­fice, which will seek out new in­ternational markets for green tech­nologies and keep track of emerging trends around the world. A business accelerator and en­trepreneurship cen­tre will pair applied research experts, in­cluding faculty and students from the college, with indus­try partners to work on projects in the appropriate lab environment.

The student and industry partner­ship is expected to create an environ­ment where the students will work side by side with the industry heavy­weights, providing great learning and networking oppor­tunities for the stu­dents in the CCET program.

The new centre is looking to in­volve students from different courses to work together, “We are always looking for students across the college to work on applied re­search projects. Students from other programs can work with CCET stu­dents and eventually with industry partners. They should feel free to contact our research office or talk to their professors if they want to get involved”, said Luke.

The green building centre at the Casa Loma campus has received financial support from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario under its ‘prosper­ity initiative’ with a contribution of $6.6 million in addition to George Brown College’s own investment of $6.8 million.

The project is expected to be com­pleted in March 2014.


GBC to create a green building centre